Brought to you by: Melissa Kwan + Stefan Rustler

<aside> 👋 Here, you’ll find out about who we are, what we do, our mission, vision, community guidelines, application process, and all that jazz.


What is Hedon?

Hedon is a community of global citizens who intentionally design their lives around enjoying life. We’re bound together by our love of meaningful connections, fun, and festivals.

<aside> ⚖️ Hedon: A unit of pleasure used to theoretically weigh people's happiness.


Do You…

Find yourself radiating towards other PPP (Professional Party People)? See partying as a lifestyle as opposed to just going to a club on the weekend?

If the answer is YES! Keep reading 👇

Our Mission

To bring together like-minded people who vibe together, have fun together, and get weird together at the best parties around the world, all year round. While we love partying, we don’t only love partying. It’s the perfect excuse to come together and spend quality time with people we love in a common place.

What to Expect

A forum (Whatsapp group) for Hedonists to share, discover, and discuss the best festivals and experiences. A shared calendar for you to plan adventures with strangers and come together as friends. A groovy community where you can feel “normal” because everyone is just as weird as you 🤪.

The Hedon Story

👋 Hey! It’s Melissa (Kwan) and Stefan (Rustler). As event hosts who grew into community builders independently through the pleasures of bringing people together, we co-created our first 100-person mixer+party in Bangkok just before Wonderfruit 2023 so our friends could go into the festival knowing as many people as possible.

After hearing so many of our friends say how much the mixer made their festival experience, we started to wonder how we could have more of these gatherings and keep vibes flowing high outside of a single event.

Hedon was born as an initiative to bring joy and unity to this community all year round.

What “Community” Means to Us

Melissa: I didn’t grow up around family and was always the kid who frantically looked for families to adopt me during holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and new years. As I got older, I would host holiday events just to make sure I wouldn’t be alone.

Over time, I’ve come to realize how important having a community is because the people around us play a huge part in our wellbeing; our mental and physical health. Our chosen family gives us a deeper sense of belonging, and therefore purpose, strength, and happiness. I believe that at the end of the day, we just want to feel like we matter in the world.